Tips for Bowling Etiquette

Just like any other game, bowling is supposed to be fun! While browsing through the following rules of etiquette, keep in mind that they have been established to help the game run smoothly.

  1. Read carefully and follow all the specific rules that are posted at the alley.
  2. While on the lanes, wear only bowling shoes.
  3. Donít start bowling until the pin-setting machine has finished its cycle.
  4. Allow the bowler in an adjacent lane to play first if you both approach the runway at the same time. Otherwise, the player who arrives first goes first.
  5. Donít step or go beyond the foul line, even in casual play. Bowling is a sport so play fair.
  6. The ball should be bowled down the lane. Avoid any throwing or tossing of the, as it may damage the lane.
  7. Donít play your game on another lane, you should have enough space on your own.
  8. Always ask for permission first when using someone elseís ball.
  9. Avoid distracting other players while they are bowling. Check your language and limit swearing as much as you can.
  10. Be ready when it's your turn to bowl.
  11. Try to keep the score accurate. Almost all alleys have now automated scorekeeping.

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