How to Correct A Bad Hook In Your Bowling Games

There are several items to consider in this case. First, you should consider your physical game,
specifically your timing. If your timing is too early, it seems that the ball is gone before you can
do anything with it. Consequently, your release feels weak, and the ball reaction shows it. How
could you correct this? Here are the necessary steps:

  • check your start in order to ensure it is timed up correctly
  • make sure that your armswing isn't too fast as compared to your footwork
  • get your body to lead the motion into the finish.

    You can do several other things to respond to not getting enough hook. Check your choice of
    where you're going to play the lanes. There is more oil in the middle of the lane and less toward
    the outside part of the lane, so you will probably want to move to an outside line in order to
    make the ball hook more.

    Sometimes, no matter how much you move to the outside part of the lane, your ball still doesn't
    hook enough. Itís time for you to check your bowling ball, since the cover may be the major
    factor. Perhaps you will need to choose a ball with a more aggressive cover, core, and layout.
    Or you will probably need to clean or resurface your aggressive ball. Again, go to your pro shop
    operator to take care of this.

    You should also check how you're getting the ball onto the lane. In order for the ball to hook a
    little more, get it down to the lane earlier. Bring the target closer to you and make sure your rear
    end gets low as you deliver the ball.

    If you play on a slicker lane, you should use less ball speed. How do you slow down your ball?
    You can do this by making your overall motion to the foul line less aggressive. Your ball will
    hook much better with less speed.

    Another good method is strengthening your wrist and hand action at the release. Your wrist
    should be in a more cupped position and your hand in a more cocked position. This will make
    the ball roll stronger and have better results on oily conditions. These adjustments for lanes that
    aren't hooking enough can make your outing more enjoyable.

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